Established in 1998, wellCom Soft has been developing high quality simulation software to be
used in the technical education field. Beginning with NC machine simulator; the CNC Lab,
wellCom Soft has developed pneumatics/hydraulics simulator; the PH Lab, and the latest
product; the PLC Lab has been completed in October 2001.
All products feature comprehensive digital textbook with the ability to call up the simulator
directly (Patent No.0300135). wellCom Soft continues upgrading the existing products and producing
new products to help teachers and students in the technical education field.
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PLC is a short for Programmable Logic Controller and it is widely used for factory automation. PLC Lab provides virtual PLC module and virtual plant module which eliminate the need of the expensive and bulky training equipment. User can write and test PLC programs without real PLC device, and PLC Lab provides wide variety of target systems using the latest simulation technology.
2D virtual plant module has an integrated design tool and the simulator. User can
easily create any system with the provided tool. 3D virtual plant module features
traditional training equipment rendered in 3D graphics, and it helps student understand
how the real machine works.
PLC Lab can communicate with the real PLC device to send and receive signals,
so that the real PLC device can control the virtual plant module.
PH Lab is short for Pneumatics and Hydraulics Laboratory. PH Lab is the design and
simulation tool for pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric circuits.
PH Lab provides pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric symbols as a library and uses
simple drag & drop interface for the circuit design. Simulation feature helps verify
the circuit design.
PH Lab features full digital textbook to help students understand the basic knowledge
and the circuit design principles. Digital textbook contains lots of pictures and
animations, and provides examples to run on the simulator.
Various exercise problems are provided with 3D graphics to help student understand
the real system.
CNC Lab is a simulation software developed to help students study the NC
programming and how to manipulate the NC machines.
CNC Lab provides the digital textbook covering NC machine manipulation and how to
write NC programs. NC machine simulator can be called up directly from the digital
textbook. A lot of pictures and animations help students understand how each NC
command works.
NC machine operation and cutting process are shown in 3D graphic animation.
CNC Lab provides realistic control panels and uses real G-code commands to control
its virtual CNC machine, thus it helps students quickly adapt to the real machine.
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